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Financing of the National Front: Marine Le Pen in ruble water

The FN Marine Le Pen, whose benevolence toward Putin’s Russia is a constant, he found financial support in the Kremlin? As the French Communist Party in the last century. The question arises since Mediapart revealed on Saturday that the far-right party won in September a loan of EUR 9 million from the small First Czech Russian Bank (FCRB), based in Moscow. Two million have already been released.

Deal. This loan is not illegal – it’s not a donation, which also subtracts the control of the National Commission on Political Funding – but its origin puts on the table the question of interference of a foreign power in French politics. Especially as the FCRB is “de facto in the hands of a former bank executive of the State” Russian Roman Yakubovich Popov, ensures Mediapart. The site mentioned in passing that in the 90s is for a fictitious loan from Italian bank leaders of the Republican Party were convicted of “laundering” in 2004.

If the FN has not met its “national preference” would be for lack of positive response in France but also in Spain and the United States. “Does that banks are cautious since Nicolas Sarkozy has cheated heavily with his campaign accounts? Or is it that it is a treatment reserved for us, the FN? “Questioned Le Pen in C Policy, on France 5 Sunday. When the end of October in Obs, she addressed the difficulty of his party to take, the FN had spoken of a Russian loan as a track among others, while the case was concluded from the previous month. The information had to remain secret. The FN announced consider a complaint against Mediapart.

In this deal, the MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser had a central role. A former consultant at Dassault was bombed top of the list in the last municipal Strasbourg, then elected at the European Ile-de-France, on the list led by Aymeric Chauprade, a close advisor of Marine Le Pen. Pro-Russian, they were both “observers” at the “referendum” organized by the separatists in March in the Crimea, and the Schaffhauser was also during the “elections” in early November in Donetsk (Ukraine).

While Le Pen, a fan of Putin, visited Moscow several times since she runs the FN Mediapart says another move in February, which had not, he was not made public and in which Schaffhauser had presented him the influential nationalist deputy, Alexander Mikhailovich Babakov. Putin adviser in charge of cooperation with Russian organizations abroad, it is one of the personalities banned from entering the EU, as part of sanctions against Russia for its activism in Ukraine. During this visit, Marine Le Pen would even meet Putin for the first time.

Pipeline. The name of a very close oligarch Kremlin leader, a great dignitary of the Franco-Russian relationship, as appears: Gennady Timchenko. A sixth wealth of the country it controls the pipeline giant Stroytransgaz, principal shareholder FCRB. Until recently, Timchenko was also a partner sought after by most French authorities: in July 2013, he received the Legion of Honor for his contribution to the collection of Russian art at the Louvre and especially its partnership with Total for the operation of the Yamal gas. Foul of US sanctions for its proximity to the expansionist regime of Putin, he was spared by his European friends. “If suddenly the past sixty, he wanted to engage in political funding, it would undoubtedly be more discreet ways to do it,” says LibĂ©ration Pavel Chinsky, head of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce, which Timchenko chairs the Economic Council.

Alexis Prokopiev of Russia-LibertĂ©s, trying to counter the poutiniens networks in France, sees him in this loan a confirmation of his “suspicion”: “Behind the ideological closeness to Putin, claimed by some French politicians there has an important financial aspect. This rests the issue of advancing the national-Putinism in Europe. “